Screen Printing London, N16

We print fine art prints and posters using waterbased inks up to an image size of 60×90 cm, the paper can be bigger.

We do not print stickers, T shirts, tote bags or onto any fabric.

Having a small studio with limited space means we would not normally print editions of over 100 unless a small size. It is best if your design was made with screen printing in mind as there are some things screen printing does not do very well on the other hand there are some things it does brilliantly.

Screen printing, unlike digital printing, cannot print a continuous tone of colour from light to dark, it is best at printing solid flat colour. However one can break up the tone into dots, or other patterns. For this we use AccuRip software and can print up to 45dpi. We would ask that you leave the conversion into halftones to us and not do it in PS.

You can specify Uncoated Pantone colour references and we will do our best to match them. Normally we can get pretty close but some very subtle colours can be tricky. You can come in to oversee or as long as time allows we can send colour samples in the post to you.

We can print with fluorescent colours, phosphorescent (glow in the dark) ink, metallic inks and varnish. Any of these can be also be added to a digital print.

Our paper comes from JP Purcell and GF Smith who between them offer a wide range of budget and quality papers and a huge range of colours in various weights.

For a quote please email your artwork, lo res is fine in the first instance, with the final size and quantity required to

The next stage, if possible, is for you to come and visit to discuss your project. Please email or ring to arrange a time. Otherwise it can all be done by email and phone.

The above prices are for A2 or B2 (50x70cm) paper size and are a guide only, we can only give a firm quote when we see the hi res artwork.

We keep a few papers in stock from 95p/sheet

Things that will add to the cost are metallic or phosphorescent inks or varnish or complicated separations or ‘trapping’ that needs to be done in Photoshop.

VAT is not chargeable, and prices do not include delivery.

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